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  • Welcome to the Rap Game Hall of Fame!

    This is where you can meet 3 of our most memorable winners from the first series!


Rafael Cruz from San Antonio

Rafael wowed us with his incredible speed, especially right out of the gate. Half of his freestyles were already going full-bore before the intro was over! He won our first ever Rap Game with an incredible 8 bars about Picasso’s Guernica painting!

Rafael won a home recording studio, courtesy of our first season sponsor Organix Music. You can find him free styling away over on Soundcloud, where he continues to be as sharp as ever!

Tony Lewis from Cincinnati

Tony Lewis is one of the funniest contestants we’ve every had on Rap Game! His freestyles were not only accurate in pretty much every detail, but he squeezed in a clever witticism in nearly every bar! Our favorite involved penguins and slippers, in a wicked slam-dunk answer about the Antarctic ice sheet! We’re not sure what Tony’s up to post-Rap Game, but we know one thing is certain–his friends and family are in for lots of laughs!

 Stacey Peterson from London

Stacey Peterson was our final winner in the first series. She fought hard in every round, against very stiff competition. In the end, though, the audience was totally on Stacey’s side, especially in her final 8 bars about lemurs, which included a quotation of the immortal “I like to move it/move it!” Stacey’s back to her day job as an economics professor, but she tells us she’s delighting her students with her scratch pad setup in the classroom!