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About the Game:

Rap Game is a modern trivia challenge game show. It’s the first game show to be conducted all online, thanks to our partnership with Skype. After our very successful first series, we’re about to return for lots more Rap Game fun shortly!

How it works:

Rap Game is designed to be a fun trivia contest for the whole family. It features general knowledge question about anything from Pop Culture, Geography, History, or Random categories.

If you’re selected as a player, you’ll choose a topic, then you’ll have to come up with a rap about your prompt on the spot! You’ll be given a beat, and a backing track, and all you have to do is freestyle a verse about your keyword or name!

Points are awarded for the speed of your rapping, the quality of your rhymes, the accuracy of your information, and your ability to follow the rhythm of the backing track. Points are collected live via our site, and viewers vote on each performance.

Round 1 starts with 8 contestants from around the world. Contestants are selected randomly from our applicants, and connected to our live feed. You’ll face the same challenge each round, to rap 8 bars about your topic or prompt over our beats. You’ll be scored by the viewers, and after 3 challenges, we’ll tally up and move on to Round 2.

Round 2 features a Final Four contestants, and some seriously challenging prompts. Be prepared to be on your game!

Round 3 whittles things down to our final two contestants, who will have 8 bars to tackle some of our most obscure, un-rhymeable topics!

At the end of the game, we’ll crown a Rap Champion, and hand out some prizes! 

How to Watch:

Our video player is under construction. When the player is back online, you’ll be able to watch archived footage of previous Rap Games, and stream the latest Rap Game live here on our site! Check back regularly for updates on the return of Rap Game!

How to play:

Signing up to play Rap Game is super simple! Just find us on Skype (rapgameofficial), and send us a freestyle rap intro, up to 1 minute! Please, no lengthier submissions, as our inbox can get full quickly!

If you’re selected to play, we’ll get in touch!

Rap Game is made possible by:

We are proud to be sponsored and supported by Skype, who make Rap Game and its format possible.

We’re also grateful to this facebook page for their support in our upcoming season. Their website is your guide to all the latest kitchen plumbing tech, including new reviews of hands-free faucets! Check them out at kitchenfaucets.reviews, and be sure to visit http://www.builderonline.com/products/kitchen/look-no-hands_o and find out what you’re missing out on in 2016!

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